Sunday, June 5, 2011

YEAR 2007

                                                                         YEAR --2007

Fear and Anxiety gets into ones mind; Fear is a natural reaction that gets into the body system and mind.Spirituality and alternative medicine can help a person in many ways. I realised that Time is interminable when so much lies ahead and a lot unknown to one; this is how my interaction with the Cancer Institute took place :---

9th JANUARY 2007

This was my first medical examination for the year 2007, everthing  normal and was assigned to report on 5th March 2007..

5th MARCH2007
Everything normal again and since itis almost a year the doctor suggested  a thorough revival on 9th April 2007.

17th APRIL 2007
I skipped my medical examination on 9th April, around mid April I notice a small abscess on my suture's had come up and got ruptured so I came in on this day and the doctors said it was a small infection out of excess cold, an X-Ray was done and doctors said everything was normal and suggested the next medical examination for mid June..

14th JUNE 2007
Visited the Institute and Doctors checked on weight and a good increase to 71 Kg, posted next examination for 2nd week of September.

13th SEPTEMBER 2007
everything normal and Doctor suggested I could continue on painkiller as the only remedy for the pain that still remains also suggested some Physiotherapy exercise  next review to be done after 6 months that is in mid March 2008.

Another year has gone by leaving me with the Stigma, which plays a lot in my mind