Sunday, May 9, 2010


22 nd MARCH 2006

As I blog on this day. that is precisely 48 months after my surgery, my memory is fresh as a newly bloomed flower; though time has gone so fast, it was around 4.00pm on this day that I regained my concious and opened my eyes with a numb body, Isaw myself lying in the Intensive Care Unit with tubes from my neck,stomach and with the life saving ventilation device. The nurse who was present told me everything is normal and fine and my family members have been informed about the successful operation; later the doctors came and informed me that I will have to remain in this ward for a minimum of 3 days so I was put back here till the 26th March with drips on and off with diluted liquid feed, after 2 days I was removed to a wheelchair and started to stand with support.

Oh God !! I was totally shattered and thought will never be able to survive looking at myself........ just imagine I was 75 kgs before I came in and this day I am just 60 kgs I could se my ribs and bones. The doctors who came on their round built a lot of confidence in me and told me that I must not worry and it has been a 2 nd life