Sunday, July 18, 2010


25th MARCH2006

Shifted from I.C.U. to a special ward and this was good since presence of an attendant or family member beside me was not necessary, all I had to do was Buzz for the Nurses on duty and moreover since I was drugged heavily on Morphine tablets I was always enjoying my sleep. Now as for Food it was only thin Liquid  like porridge etc. with multivitamin fed through my stomach in a tube just above the navel and this was to be continued till my throat was completely healed.
During the next few days all the sutures were removed and daily Physiotherapy was administered in bed and slow walking for about 10 minutes; and I really felt the severe weakness in loss of weight, No neck muscle to balance, After a week I was given a full briefing  for discharge and even I was getting used to my second Life all by nature

3rd APRIL 2006
I was discharged by Noon and my sister Sheila was there from Bangalore all required pain Killer tablets and out Patient Card was given and asked to report on 10th April; reached home with a sigh of relief at the same time I was really worried and shattered within myself as to  the new Life,  a Survival.......

5th APRIL 2006
I got up in the morning and notice that the feed tube in my stomach had come out, this was due to the fact that I was restless in bed for want of sleeping dose pills, I went to the hospital and to my Luck the surgeon who operated me was on duty after a thorough examination the Doctor asked me to report to the Operation Theatre ; I was waiting a the the Pre-surgery ward and the doctor gave me some water to drink and observed that there was no sign of any wetness or water coming into my Tracheotomy done area , so they  asked me to go on light food orally, I was really happy to know and did long to eat something after a good briefing I left and Out-Patient card stamped to report on 11th April .