Sunday, July 18, 2010

11th APRIL 2006
Reported to the Cancer Institute as per schedule, asked me to report on the 13th with Appointment fixed with he Doctor in charge of radiation, this day I was clearly told even though the surgery has been successful and all cells free of Cancer a Radiation therapy was important for future........ so report on 13th April.

13th APRIL 2006
I was instructed to go to the Radiation Department , later put on a x-ray table and they did a bit of Geometry on my face,  near the neck area marked with stencil Ink all Horizontal and Vertical lines, then went to the Radiation room, this Cancer Institute had the art of radiation equipment-at freezing temperature had to remove the shirt lie on Scanner bed that goes into a Capsule ,here the radiation beams are just scanned on the marked area for just 2 minutes, that's it so I had to do 56 SITTINGS  of Radiation Therapy daily except Saturdays and Sundays.
During this period of radiation I could feel the difference of dry throat, skin turning black, loss of hair and slight numbness  and finally as of this day when I am blogging there is no hair growth on my beard area of the right side, Thank God I have not lost the taste of food.
Finished my entire sitting of radiation 23rdMAY 2006, Out- patient card stamped to report on 22nd JULY 2006.......If I had gone through an early detection, timely screening just imagine what life would have been, my greatest Luck is that I escaped going through that painful THERAPY..............what.???? CHEMOTHERAPY.

22nd JULY 2006
Reported to Cancer Institute everything has been normal over the period except for my intake of food which is backdrop for my health I cannot eat more than a slice of bread and 1 egg, I felt hungry .my stomach wants more but my throat and neck area stops it,my food has to be sent down with a bit of stress by today I have got used to it and as the Doctors told me nature will take care yes it has taken care. I started gaining confidence in my life.
The P.C. at home has become my dearest companion I did a lot of surfing on Cancer got to know a few sites that counsel patients, I had gained weight slowly but feel very weak,now all the stencil marks etc have disappeared and clean I was able to shave twice a week, and that should do since I do not go out, OP card stamped report on 4th SEPTEMBER 2006