Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1st AUGUST 2006

I made my first journey after my surgery and went to Bangalore and stayed in my sisters place , I was okay and felt as usual but had lost all the confidence of moving through the public, the weather was chill and I could feel the chillness and uncomfortable feeling at the opening in my throat for Tracheotomy as it is I always catch a cold within 4 hours due to this surgery on account of the opening, at Bangalore the cold was constant and kept increasing finally one day I had a small Sinus formation in my neck along the sutures line, this was becoming bigger day by day and finally at the size of a small Lemon it broke one afternoon with puss and slight blood , everyone at Bangalore was shocked, I told them not to worry.... by now I had gained a lot of confidence in my Life,, my sister Sheila was at home and helped me ; got the wound  cleaned just put a piece of gauze and plaster over it, the next day she made arrangements to fly me back to Chennai and accompanied me ....  I just saw the dates in my Diary---it happened on 15th August 2006, and we left the next day by the evening flight on 16th August after visiting my mothers cemetery for her 2nd Death Anniversary.

17th AUGUST 2006

The first job for the day was to rush to the Cancer Institute, since we had no appointment we made it early,  here there is always a delay and most patients who go without prior appointments have to wait till the end or squeeze in between when a No Show patient does not turn up, also a lot of time is taken to get the file from the record room, even though they have a brief history on the computer they prefer the file verification and it is signed by the concerned doctors after checking each patient. Again as Luck was on my side  one of the Doctors who attended on me at the Operation theatre was there, After a thorough examination the doctor told us it was an Abscess of Sinus that had formed along the suture lines  with germination  tissue , just told me to dress it daily just with a plain cotton gauze and a plaster over it to avoid any infection and stamped my O. P card for review on 4th September .
Everything normal started gaining weight very gradually, but the frequent pain in the right shoulder is annoying at times,

2nd OCTOBER 2006
I skipped my review for 4September and made it after a month to the Cancer Institute; had to wait for some time since I was a Walk In Out Patient without any emergency, I had told the Doctor about the constant pain in the right side of the neck area--- after examining Doctor told me that the tissues on the Lower neck area are reclining to normal hence pain would be there and suggested physiotherapy for the shoulder. Now this day I noticed I had pulled up my weight to 66 Kilograms from a mere 60 when I got discharged, Next medical examination stamped for 9th January 2007.