Sunday, March 14, 2010


By mid February I felt very little improvement as more problems cropped up like had difficulty in swallowing food, lack of sleep. I told my son it is very important to go and see a specialist an ENT doctor.

We got a good contact of a doctor through his friends and met him,after a thorough examination he referred me to go for a medical checkup to V H S Hospital that has the facility for treating all types of disease, the Doctor told me to wait outside and had a long discussion with my son at this point I smelt something but did not dream of Cancer having got into my system.

**FEBRUARY 22ND 2006.
Went to V H S Hospital at Adyar, after completing the formalities got to meet a specialist Doctor, After an examination of my throat he called my son and asked me to go over to the CANCER INSTITUTE, he had given a letter also for immediate attention, at this point of time every one in the family was shaken up and wondered what has happened.

**FEBRUARY 23RD 2006.
Went over to the Cancer Institute at Adyar, the formalities for registration etc. were very long after completing the details for registration we waited to meet the doctor who was to do the first inspection, After a good wait of 3 hours the doctor I met confirmed that I have been attacked by Cancer and it was a Thyroid Cancer and spread from the throat to the neck area, however he suggested surgery at the earliest and a hole has to be made in my throat for me to breathe; a detailed report for all investigations was made by he doctor who consulted a panel of doctors. So, by the end of the day it was confirmed that I was Hit by the deadly Cancer. Every one at home were upset