Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MARCH 11th--------20th 2006

**Shifted out of I.C.U. under observation and convalescing in the hospital. Strong painkillers and other drugs every 4 hours; only liquid intake; loosing weight rapidly and variation pulse rates. Doctors give a very special drug , tablet (MORPHINE) to relive all the pain, this takes one on a great trip and makes the mind blank---------- wow a great feeling it was ;when ever I took this tablet
Doctors fix the date for the next surgery 21-March and brief me about the surgery to be done, all the while I was given the impression that it was going to be an ordinary surgery, but this day they tell me the surgery is going to be in stages to remove all the cancer cells from the neck area and also have to open my stomach to draw out a large intestine which will take my intake of food later. At this moment I was shaken up a bit , well to know the fact the CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS was CARCINOMA HYPO PHARYNX STAGE T3 .