Monday, March 15, 2010

MARCH 1st 2006
** This day had to go empty stomach For an Endoscopy that was carried out at10.001m, after 1 hour a Biopsy was also done as an emergency since I had a lot of breathing problems.Doctors have put me on strong pain killers every every 4 hours.

MARCH 2ND 2006
**Spiral scan was completed today, so the surgeons can study further and get ready for the major surgery.

MARCH 3rd 2006
**Doctors meet me and do a counselling about the surgery to take place , they informed me that the surgery has to be done on 2 different days set apart. the first would be for me to breathe freely that is Tracheotomy.

MARCH 4Th 2006
** Electra cardiograph and Blood pressure test and had to meet the Anaesthesiologists .

MARCH 8Th 2006
**Admitted in The Cancer Institute, all medical checkups done for the surgery the next day

MARCH 9Th 2006
**No intake of food after Noon, had the emergency Tracheotomy done at 7.00 pm, the surgery took just 1 hour, during the entire process of this surgery even though my eyes were closed I could clearly hear the discussion the surgeons were having, they took out the extra growth of Thyroid and explaining to some Trainee surgeons who were there. Shifted to Intensive Care unit and was there for2 days.